What Does Our Team Value?

  • Error-free papers
    Saying “Type this for me” means getting papers with 0 errors. Mistakes undermine the credibility of the content. That is why we edit your papers, correcting all surface errors in writing.
  • On-time delivery
    Write my essay online in 3 hours! Sounds challenging — not for us, though. We deliver all essays typed even earlier. We do not want you to get nervous because there is no time left for a revision.
  • Good grades
    Type essay for me to get me an A! Tons of assignments are not a problem anymore. We have prepared valuable guidelines on how to deal with them. Let’s take care of business!

Facts About Us

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The Recruitment Funnel

We make every effort to improve our services and make typing an essay the easiest part of your  studying. As we believe that only experts can write quality custom essays, we approach the hiring process seriously. Our website to type essays is famous for quality, yet notorious for strictness to writers. Authors should undergo several steps. So how do our HR specialists recruit new writers?

Read a resume
We thoroughly study all resumes and place them into our database. If the authors’ professional characteristics meet the requirements, our HR Department contacts them. They must also provide existing exemplary materials for us to analyze if they can handle any essay type.
Confirm identity
Before establishing any business, we must verify the identity of potential writers. We cross-check all information to have complete confidence in their decency. Essay typing tests have yet to come.
Verify diplomas and certificates
The qualifications for the post include a higher-level legal diploma. Our team checks whether certificates are fake or not. Though forging them is not that easy, it is still possible — our essay typing specialists must have real documents. We want to be sure of candidates’ credentials and degrees.
Type an essay as a test
Degrees would be nothing if people did not develop their skills to type an essay. Thus, potential writers who might type essay online should demonstrate what they are capable of. That test assignment reveals real expertise. Do authors use a proper writing style? Do they make mistakes? Our QA Department scrutinizes templates to check the quality of texts.
Write a paper
Under the supervisor’s control, they have to complete the order. They should demonstrate professionalism and type essays of excellent quality on time. Though we do not interfere, we observe they follow all instructions. Their typed essay must be 100% ready to go to a professor’s table.
Trial month
The most successful essays typer who has accomplished the task may continue working under supervision for a month. It is time to get to know each other to understand whether we get along or not. Of course, every essay typed by them for you must bring you amazing results!